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International Distribution Corporation: Quality, Responsibility, Stewardship

Logo: NACD Responsible Distribution ProcessInternational Distribution Corporation (IDC) long term employee’s are loyal to the company and committed to our principles of service, quality, integrity and honesty. The quality of people who make up our company fosters an attitude conducive to innovation and leadership and exemplifies our belief in continuous improvement.

IDC is proud to be a member of the National Association of Chemical Distributors (NACD) CHEMICAL HANDLER AFFILIATE PROGRAM and participating in the NACD Responsible Distribution Process (RDP) which is regarded as the “gold Standard” of product stewardship programs for chemical distributors worldwide. It is a management practice mandatory for membership in the National Association of Chemical Distributors (NACD) that promotes continuous improvement of environmental, health, safety and security performance.

Third-Party Verification: Earning Credibility by Being Accountable

The Responsible Distribution Process’s most unique and perhaps the most credible requirement is independent third-party verification of written management practices unlike any other sector of the chemical industry.

RDP Document Verification: First as a prerequisite of NACD membership, companies must be approved by an independent third-party designated by NACD to conduct a review of an applicant’s environmental, health, safety and security policies as prescribed under RDP.

On-site Verification: Once every three years, each member is scheduled to undergo an on-site third-party audit. The purpose of this mandatory audit is to verify that the member is implementing its Responsible Distribution process policies and procedures. Membership termination will result for voluntary non-compliance of NACD’s third-party verification requirements.

RDP’s credibility is unsurpassed by any other U.S chemical industry initiative, largely because of its unique Third Party Verification, the first of its kind in the chemical industry. The return on the investment by NACD member companies to comply with RDP are shown in such measurable examples as low worker injuries, fatalities, lost work days; lower insurance premiums, and better relations with suppliers, customers, regulators, legislators and local communities.

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